Monday, February 27, 2012

Gym Boy & The Bathhouse

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I finished up part 4 in the Gym Boy Series and present it below for my bareback blog readers. This edition, I used some literary license as the bath house experience in my hometown with Damon was not quite as wild. The crowds at Club St. Louis can be sparse but bareback is usually the norm.

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My friend, and boy toy, Manuel and I had been having fun, fucking all week and swappling loads, but I missed my latest toy, Damon, the boy from the gym. He had a great body, muscular chest, on the shorter side, but good looking none-the-less, I missed his cock raw fucking me, and I missed his tight asshole. At our last encounter Damon had told me a lot about him; his family and their Jewish Orthodox Church, his paintings, his music, and of course football. I had taken him to a small diner before taking him back to my house and fucking him really good. The more I taught him, the more he was putty in my hands, and he was definitely learning to be submissive to me.
I was somewhat surprised on Tuesday when I got a text from him:

“Have you ever heard of Steamworks? I found it online”


“Will you take me?”


“I want you to find other men to fuck me, please”

“Ahh nice”

“Please sir, please, I really want it, I want you to take me to other men to fuck me, pleeeease” he added extra “e’s” to his text. I loved it when he begged me.
“Okay, Thursday, same time”

“Thank You sir!” He responded, I could almost see his sweet face smiling.
I met him once again at the gym, this time I wasn’t there to see his mother drop him off, but as soon as I pulled my car into the lot, Damon came running out. He was definitely excited.

“Hello sir, Thank you again!” he said enthusiastically. I leaned over and kissed his sweet mouth, sticking my tongue down his throat. “I told my mom I was going to go out with some guys after my workout, so I don’t have to be home until midnight, no school tomorrow” he said excitedly.
“You’re welcome Damon” I said firmly, letting him know I was doing him a favor.  I pulled out of the parking lot and drove the 7 miles to the bathhouse. It was a large, non-descript brick building, set back from the road. Only a small sign over the front door that said Steamworks, gave any indication of it actually being a business.

I had been to the men’s bathhouse many times, with friends and playmates. It has much you want to find in a bathhouse. By far, my favorite was the “sling room” it had three sex swings in the center of the room, and about 20 large comfortable lounge chairs for men to sit and watch(with small towels on the arm of each chair). Steamworks also had a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a huge sauna room and private rooms for those who preferred some alone time with their partner(s).

I pulled into the mostly full parking area and Damon and I got out and entered the building. From the outside, Steamworks looked industrial and boring, it’s name leading those not in “the know” to think it was some sort of industrial plant, but when you entered the lobby, there was nothing industrial about it. The lobby was large and open, with marble floors and a large mahogany reception desk. I knew the young man at the desk; he was very young and slim with a round face and a winning smile. Joey grinned at us with that smile as we made our way to the desk. “Welcome back sir” Joey said with reverence.

“Hello Joey, full service today” I said.

“Yes sir” he said, handing both Damon and I key cards that would get us in to every part of the building, except the private rooms, which cost extra and generally were used for overnight guests.
“Thank you Joey” I said politely and steered Damon towards the locker rooms. Inside were men in various states of undress. Damon stared and admired the men around him, as did I. “Get undressed whore” I told him firmly.

“Yes sir” he said and removed his shoes and socks, then his shirt, jeans, and underwear and stowed them in his locker. I once again admired his muscular chest and stomach, as well as his cock, which, with all the men around, was fully hard.

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I also undressed, and stuck my things in a locker, while admiring Damon’s cock and firm ass. I grabbed his ass, and spanked him hard. “Are you going to be a good boy, Damon?” I asked, spanking his ass again. “Are you going to do what I tell you to do?”

“Oh, yes sir!” he said. “I’m very excited to be here with you”

“I’m glad Damon, I’m surprised I didn’t think of taking you here, you did well by reminding me.” I said, and I could tell he was pleased by my compliment. “Let’s go into the Sauna Room” I suggested. He nodded profusely and followed me out the door and walked nude with me down to the Sauna. We entered the large room, filled with steam. There were about 20 men in the room, some raw fucking, some giving blow jobs, some masturbating, and some just watching. “We will watch” I instructed Damon. His eyes were wide and large as he took in all of the men. We sat on one of the benches and watched the other men. I was hard and ready for raw fucking Damon, but I wanted him to be even more excited, and make him beg me to cum later. He watched, his pretty dick hard and thick was twitching. I could tell he was dying to touch himself. “Self control Damon” I reminded him sternly.

He nodded but looked tortured, like he was in pain. One man just 2 feet over from us was being fucked by a large muscular man with a 10” cock. The younger man screamed and moaned, stroking his cock while the larger man fucked him. “Oh God!” he screamed, “Fuck Me!” Damon was watching intently, cock twitching, balls tightening. I was turned on too, and started stroking myself. Damon looked over at me, like he wanted to stroke me, so I took his hand, and let him run his hand up my cock, but did not return the favor. If Damon was going to learn, he would need to learn restraint. “That’s it, squeeze your hand nice and tight, rub my cock” I moaned. We were both watching the man with the 10” cock slamming into the younger man.

The muscular man groaned deeply “Uugghhh, such a tight ass! Mmmm” he moaned as he slammed his rod into the other man’s ass. “Oooohhhh yeaaaa!” he screamed, grabbed the younger man’s hips and jerked forward, emptying his load. The younger man moaned deeply and ferally and shot his own load, no doubt caused by his stroking and the hot warm jizz shooting deep into his anus.

Damon’s hand was furiously stroking me now, so turned on by what we had witnessed. Other men had been watching too, and the ones who were masturbating shot their own loads, squirting cum onto the benches. There were young men in tight shorts and tight tank tops with towels and cleanser to clean up the benches of cum and other bodily fluids. We watched as one bench was cleaned, an employee bent over showing his tight ass in his little shorts, many eyes on him. I was about to blow my own load as Damon stroked faster and squeezed tighter, his face in agony, blue balls causing intense pain, no doubt. “Mmmm yea Damon, rub my cock” I moaned, my cock on fire. We watched another pair, one man sucking the other, the man being sucked groaned and came all over his partners face. The man licked  the cum from his lips, then cleaned his face with his fingers and licked the cum off of them. The smell of salty cum was everywhere and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I shoved Damon’s face down and he greedily took me in his mouth as I came, shooting large loads of cum down his throat. He drank forcefully as if tasting my cum would make him cum, releasing him from the pain. “Oooohhh Damon, my sweet little whore, suck it all!” I groaned, my cock twitching. 

When I was finished, I looked at him, his body red from the steam, his cock pulsating visibly. I was sweating bullets myself, hot from the steam, from the voyeurism, and from my own orgasm. I grabbed Damon’s hand and we left the Sauna Room. The cool air in the lobby felt good on our skin, but Damon moaned as he walked. “Soon Damon, soon” I reassured him. I took him into the shower room, where more men were raw fucking and sucking under hot showers. Damon moaned again. I took him under a shower head and turned it on cold, then grabbed his cock and held it under the icy water. He groaned in relief, his cock less hard by a small fraction. We stood under the cool shower for a bit, and I washed him with the soap from the dispensers provided. I washed his body under the cold water, massaging his chest, and the rest of his body. I forced him down on his knees. “Open your mouth Damon, you need to be punished for allowing yourself to get so worked up, Open your mouth whore!” I screamed. I pissed in his mouth and he drank it graciously, then licked my cock, getting all of the urine. “Now wash me” I commanded.

He soaped up his hands and ran them over my body, stroking my cock, then moving to my back to massage my shoulders, and down my legs. He rubbed my ass with his hands, the suds making my skin feel smooth and slippery. “Put your finger in my ass” I commanded. He did as he was told, fingering my tight ass. “Mmm that’s right” I moaned, wanting much more than his finger in my ass. But I wanted to fuck him too. I pulled him from behind me and he massaged my hairy chest, the suds mixing with my chest hair. I stood under the cool water and rinsed, then began washing him again. His back this time, running my soapy hands over his strong shoulders and back, then down to his ass cheeks. I spanked him several times again, and he bent over to allow me to spank him more. I rammed two soapy fingers into his ass and he moaned deeply.

“Ooohhhh” he moaned as I fingered his tight ass. I finger fucked him for several minutes, but I felt him getting too excited and pulled my fingers out.

“Rinse yourself” I said firmly. He complied immediately. We left the showers and I handed him a towel. We left the showers with towels wrapped around our waists. I was proud to show off my sweet faced boy, with his strong body and thick cock. I was ready to fuck him now, so I led him to the swing room. When we entered his face lit up. He knew I was going to fuck him now, and I would probably let him cum.

As we entered there were several men sitting in the lounge chairs, relaxing or drinking mixed drinks, more employees circling with towels and drinks. One of the three swings was in use, two older men, one in the swing his legs spread wide, the other fucking him vigorously. There were several men masturbating watching the scene. Damon and I dropped our towels on two free chairs and entered the center of the room. There were several calls of “Mmm..nice!” and “Yea!” as Damon hopped in the chair. I was proud that I had brought this muscular young man here, and I could see the jealousy in the other’s eyes as they watched him spread his legs nice and wide for me, giving me complete access to his tight little ass. I knew a few of them were looking at me too, jealous of my muscular body, hairy chest, and long hard cock.

I bent forward and started by licking Damon’s sweet ass, I lapped my tongue around his hole, teasing his ass with flicks of my tongue. I licked harder, as Damon stroked his cock. “uuuuhhhh” Damon moaned, his excitement overflowing. His balls were tight and his cock was hard, he was now where he wanted to be, experiencing pleasure. He knew I would let him cum eventually, but I wasn’t going to make it easy on him. “You like that you little whore” I said, and his response was only a deep moan.
I stood and jabbed my cock at his ass. “What do you want Damon? Say it!” I commanded.
“I want your cock in my ass, please, please fuck me! Please put your cock in my ass!” he begged.
“I dunno know Damon, you’re not being convincing” I told him, letting the head of my dick probe a little bit into his ass.

“Pleeeease!  Pleeeease!” he cried out. The other men in the room were now completely focused on us. The older men had cum while I was licking Damon’s sweet ass and now we were center stage, so to speak. A few clapped as he begged.

“Fuck him!” they cheered.

“Okay Damon” I said calmly though I was excited I was being watched, my large cock was hard as a rock and ready to tear into Damon’s tight hole. I slammed into him without warning, and no lube, except the pre-cum that had leaked out of my dick. His ass was oily and smooth though, from the soap and his own fluids. I slammed into him quick and hard making him scream out.
“OOOOOOHHHHHH” he yelled, his tender young ass still tight and raw. I fucked him hard and fast, swinging him towards me, making me enter him deeper than I ever had before.
“Mmmmm, Oooooo” I moaned loving his tight ass on my cock. “you’re such a good boy Damon, I love your sweet ass” I moaned.

“Oh yes! Oh I love your big cock, I love it in my ass, it feels so goooood” he groaned.
“Don’t you cum yet Damon, don’t you dare cum!” I yelled at him, ramming into him really hard.
“Oh pleeeease!” he begged me, but I wouldn’t relent, I squeezed his balls hard and he winced in pain, though he was still experiencing intense pleasure.

“NO!” I yelled at him, and he relented, I continued bareback fucking him hard and fast until I felt such intense pleasure I couldn’t control myself any longer. I slammed into him two more times when I shot my load into his tight ass. “OOOOHHHHHH FUCK!”  I screamed as my hot cum shot into him, I pulled out and shot load after load on his cock and stomach, then rubbed it in, all over his hard stomach and harder cock.

“Mmmm” he moaned, as I massaged my hot jizz into his skin. I looked around and saw we had a large audience of at least 30 men stroking themselves, watching us intently. The man with the 10” cock was there with his sweet young boy, and he stood and asked if he could fuck him too.
“Damon, do you want to be fucked more?” I asked him.

“Oh yes sir, please” he said politely, legs spread wide in the swing. I nodded at the man, and his 10” cock and I knew I would enjoy watching Damon being fucked by this monster cock. The man didn’t hesitate and rammed his cock into Damon’s waiting ass. “MMMMM OOOOHHH” he moaned as the man slammed into him.

“AAAHHHH YEAAAHHH” the man moaned bareback fucking Damon’s tight ass hard and fast. He stroked Damon’s cock as he fucked him, and told him he could cum. I allowed it, the boy had been tortured enough. The man slammed into him, and rubbed Damon’s cock furiously as he slammed in and out, Damon swinging back and forth on the man’s huge dick.

“OOooohhhhh” Damon cried, tears running down his face as he was finally able to release, his cum shot high into the air, and his hard cock didn’t stop. He kept cumming, his jizz pumping out of his cock like water out of a fire hose. I couldn’t believe he had that much in him, but being here for 2 hours and not able to cum, had a huge effect on his load.

I was so turned on by his cock jerking and spurting, I got hard again, and started stroking myself.
The large man, unable to control himself jerked and his back arched as he shot his cum into Damon, soaking his tight hole. “Uuuhhhhhh” the man screamed, cumming hard and fast into Damon.
“Yeah, Oooh Yeah” Damon moaned, loving the hot cum in his raw ass. Other men were now asking Damon if they could fuck him, and Damon agreed, I was sure his ass would be raw in the morning, but now, there was no stopping him. One man started to fuck him, and another had leaned over to suck his young cock. Damon was moaning nonstop now.  

One young sweet looking boy came up to me, his 6” thick hard cock pointing upwards. “I want to fuck you” he said bluntly. I looked at his cock and saw how truly thick it was, and at that moment, I desperately wanted him inside me. I climbed into one of the other swings, and he licked my ass, sticking his tongue inside, stroking my cock and balls as he licked me. I moaned deeply, wondering who had taught him such amazing skill. He licked and sucked my balls, eliciting a feral groan from me. “AAUUGHHH” was all I could manage, his tongue doing amazing things to my cock, he spit on my ass and rubbed his saliva in, then slid three fingers in my ass while he sucked me. “Mmmm…MORE!” I screamed, he removed his fingers and balled his hand into a fist, then maneuvered it into my hole, still sliding his tongue down my cock. “AAAGGG” I spit out, the pain and pleasure exquisite.

He slammed his fist into me a few times, then pulled out, and slammed his cock in, his cock was almost as thick as his fist, and I was loving the feel of him inside me. I groaned again as he fucked me. Then an older man came up and asked if he could suck me, I eagerly agreed, and pushed his head down onto my cock. “MMmmmm yea, swallow it” I demanded, he did, taking my length down his throat. The young boy raw fucking me slammed me harder and harder then exploded into me. His hot cum filled me and the mouth on my dick sent me into spasms, I came hard into his mouth, and he eagerly lapped it up. “OOoooohhhh” I screamed as I came, I could hear Damon’s whimpers nearby and knew he was having the best experience of his young life. This notion made me cum harder spurting and spurting into the older man’s mouth.

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“Mmmm” he moaned, “You taste delicious” he groaned.

I pulled myself out of the swing, and went over to Damon who was bareback fucking a man in the ass, I came up behind him and inserted my fingers into his raw ass, and he groaned deeply and came hard in the man’s ass he was fucking. “AAAHHHHHH” he cried letting his body jerk and spurt what was left of him. He nearly collapsed, and I brought him over to a chair and let him rest. I was also shaky, and an employee came over and offered us waters, we each took two bottles and swallowed the water greedily. All three swings were in use now, as the night wore on.

Damon and I hit the showers quietly, both too spent to talk. We dressed quickly, and left, waving to Joey as we strode across the wide lobby. I thought about fucking Joey next time, and my cock twitched weakly.

As we got in the car, I complimented Damon, “You were a very good boy today Damon”
“Thank you sir” he said politely, too exhausted to say much more.

I drove him home, since he told his mother he would get a ride. He thanked me again, and I nodded, worn out myself.  I drove myself home and collapsed in my bed, thinking I’d have to go back to the club soon, and see about Joey. 

Escorting: Indianapolis Tomorrow

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I am making my escorting trip to Indianapolis tomorrow. I'll be in town until Thursday morning. I have to leave early Thursday so I can make my afternoon class.

G4N Gay Blogs

I have four clients lined up, some for multi-hour sessions. In addition, a reader of my bareback blog has me booked for a hot breeding session that he wants filmed. He sounds super hot and piggy so I am looking forward to that a lot. I love being a bareback rent boy and spreading my seed.

I will post some video when I get back home.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

22 Reasons Why Gay Men Bareback

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Why do we Bareback?

I came across this interesting study published in 2006 in The Body. The study is titled "Without Condoms: Unprotected Sex, Gay Men & Barebacking," and gives 22 reasons why gay men choose to engage in bareback sex. Great detail is given for most of the listed reasons along with annotated sources. 

Here are a few of the reasons why gay men engage in bareback sex:
  • Negative attitudes toward condom use
  • How being in a committed compared to a noncommitted couple relationship affects whether a condom is used
  • Strongly identifying with or feeling alienated from the gay community 
  • Internalized homophobia
  • A sense of the inevitability of becoming infected with HIV as a gay man
  • The effects of substance use 
  • Younger men often deny HIV risk altogether
  • Barebacking to Feel in Control
  • Semen Exchange and Emotional Connection
  • The Psychology of Peer Pressure

It is a fairly long and detailed article but an excellent read for those of us living the bareback lifestyle. I highly recommend my bareback blog readers check it out.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Breeding a Rock Smoking Client

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Last night I was contacted by a client through my ad. He said that he's an oral bottom and asked whether I cared if he did some coke at my place during our session. I said that fine but I don't do it.

When he finally arrive, a half hour late, he is obviously tweaking pretty hard. He is in his 40s black 6'4" 180 pounds 7 inches cut cock. I lead him to my bedroom and we both strip down. I sit him on the bed as I stand up and begin fucking his face. I order him to get my cock nice and hard which he does.

After a few minutes of that, he goes through his bag and pull out his party supplies of a crack pipe and some coke rocks. He takes a hit while I play with my cock. He puts his pipe and lighter down and I position him on his back with his legs on my shoulders. Just using some spit I bareback fuck his ass(with no discussion of status). He's loving it and mumbling unintelligible garbage. Because he's a bit loud for the late hour, I grab my pillow and smother his face with it as I fuck him. I keep this up for a couple minutes then give him a break so he can get another hit of his crack pipe.

When he finishes his next hit of crack, he sniffs some poppers and tells me he is ready for my load. I put his legs back in position on my shoulders and shove back inside his raw hole. I tell him to squeeze my tits and beg for my seed. He complies and shortly after I explode and coat his gut with my sperm.

We clean up from the mess. He pays my fee and gets out of there to do whatever crackheads do at midnight on a weeknight. 

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Bomb Iran Billboard

Some folks with big balls in Utah put this badass billboard up. Apparently, it's causing quite the controversy. Good!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Video: Bug Chasing Buddy Fucking Himself with a Dildo

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Here is another amateur porn video of my twink bug chasing buddy fucking himself with a dildo. 


I can't wait to spend the weekend with him in Atlanta! Some wild shit will go down and I'll catch what I can on film for my bareback blog. We have a couple toxic poz tops lined up for his ass and I am sure we will find many more hiv-positive tops as time gets closer.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Atlanta Visit: March 9 - 12th

I plan on visiting Atlanta and my bug chasing buddy March 9-12th. I will have a busy few weeks with my Indianapolis trip coming up next week.

If you're a reader of my bareback blog and want to book an appointment for my bareback escort service while I am in town OR if you're a young, fit barebacker and want to film a hot fuck session, send me an email!

Check out the cities I plan to visit this spring. If you don't see you're city on the list, email me and let me know you're interested. I can be persuaded to do lots of things. 

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Escorting in Indianapolis: Feb. 28 - March 1

I am considering an escort trip to Indianapolis next week. I would arrive Tuesday afternoon and leave early Thursday morning. I will be hosting in a hotel along interstate 70. I have a couple clients lined up and have time for some more.

Email me if you're interested in booking my bareback escorting services while there.

Also, check out the cities I plan on visiting this spring. 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Knowing Gym Boy

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Below is the latest excerpt from my 'Gym Boy' series of stories for my bareback blog readers. 

Part 1 - Taking Gym Boy's Cherry
Part 2 - Sharing Gym Boy

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 I am getting really interested in my new plaything, Damon is so hot with his hard body, I’m not only interested in his hot body, tight ass, and rock hard cock, but his innocence leaves me wanting more. I want to know more about him. So on Tuesday I text him, asking if he can come early to the gym. He replies quickly with a “yes.”

  On Thursday I am excited, ready to see my hot little slave. I see his mom drop him off, and then drive away. Damon quickly moves to my car, and we head out of the parking lot. “So, do you mind if we go somewhere first?” I ask him.

 “Umm…sure” he says. I head over to a small diner, and pull in. We get out and Damon obediently follows me in the door. I order cokes for both of us, and turn to smile at him.

 “I’ve really enjoyed you, Damon” I say. “But I want to know more about you, tell me about your family” I say, commanding him.

 He obeys immediately, already used to my dominance. “Well, I’m Jewish” he begins, “I’m homeschooled, like my brothers and sister. I’ll be done this year.” He smiled. “My parents are orthodox, and don’t know about me, you know, liking guys….they wouldn’t approve.” He grimaces, embarrassed.

“Go on” I command.

“I always knew though.” He continues. “When my mom had my sister, I wanted to dress up in her clothes, and play with her toys, I love girl stuff” he admits, “I love to play with dolls, and sometimes even before my sister came along, I would dress up in my mom’s clothes” he says quickly, embarrassed again.

 “Well, you are a pretty little whore.” I say roughly, “Tell me more”

 He grins, liking my rough voice, and with his smile, my cock hardens, I’m ready to ram my cock into him, suck his hot little ass. But I remain patient, aching to know more about my sweet little Damon.

“I love to paint he says, and I’ve won some awards, and been in some galleries. And you already know about the football thing” he smiles. “I also sing at synagogue, I like everyone staring at me when I sing” he admits shyly.

“I bet you do” I say, “but you’re mine now, you will do only what I tell you” I demand.

“Yes sir” he says, lowering his eyes, showing me he is willing to be mine. I tell him to get up and lead him out to the car, I’m ready to teach him more, to dominate, to control his every move. We get in the car, and I feel my cock harden at the anticipation.

“Unzip my pants, Damon” I say firmly.  He does as I tell him. “Put my cock in your mouth, suck me you little bitch” I command. He complies, eager to please me with his pretty mouth.  “Mmmm, yea suck it Damon, suck my hard cock” I moan. He sucks harder licking down my shaft sending pleasure through my body. I drive on with him sucking and licking me. He licks the tip of my cock, teasing me. “You’re learning how to be a good little cock sucker” I tell him.

“I like your cock sir” he says obediently. I moan again as he continues. We arrive at my apartment and I painfully push my rock hard dick back into my pants.  I push him through the door and immediately shove him towards the bedroom. I turn him towards me and kiss him hard, removing his shirt at the same time. I run my tongue up his ripped chest, and he moans, letting me enjoy his hard body.

I remove my own clothes, and then pull his pants down. My cock is throbbing, aching to fuck his tight little ass. I push him on the bed, and spank his ass a few times, making his cheeks red where my hand imprinted on his skin. I climb above him and tell him to get on his knees. Damon complies, showing me his tight hole. I suck and rub his ass cheeks, then run my tongue around his asshole, licking and sucking him. “Mmmm….it feels so good” he moans, loving my tongue.

“Shut up you little whore” I tell him, though I am secretly pleased. I ram my tongue in and out, tasting his sweet ass, but I need more, I want to fuck him now, I can’t wait. I climb up behind him, grabbing his hips and slide my hard cock into his waiting ass. “Oh yea, Damon, take my hard cock” I say rubbing against him while I am buried inside him. I reach around and grab his cock, jerking him off while I slam my dick into him. I pull my hand away and command him not to cum. “Don’t you dare cum bitch” I yell smacking his ass.  

 I am slamming into him now, hard and fast, his tight ass squeezing my cock. I feel my balls tense, and know I’m about to shoot my load deep into him. “Oh yeah, you little cunt, take my hard cock” I moan, my first load shooting into him. I continue fucking him until my cock is dry.

I turn him over, and climb on his chest. “clean my cock” I say gruffly, and he starts licking me, sucking me all over, taking my balls into his mouth, cleaning my dick with his tongue. “That’s it, suck it all off” I moan.

I climb off him now, and lay down on the bed, “Fuck my ass Damon, fuck me hard, but don’t you dare cum until I tell you” I say. He climbs on top of me and, I show him how to push my legs up so he can slide his cock into my ass. He pushes his hard cock into my ass and I moan in pleasure as he enters me. “Mmmm, yea, FUCK ME!” I scream. He slams hard into me, moaning and grunting. “You like that whore? You like your cock inside me?” I yell. He grunts, but I demand more “Answer me bitch!”

“YES!” he screams “I love your tight ass” he moans. He slams harder and harder, and I pull him down and kiss him teasing his mouth and tongue. He kisses me harder and I feel his cock harden.

“Don’t you dare cum” I scream at him, but I know he won’t be able to last. I push him off me, leaving him desperate to cum. He moans as his hard cock throbs, aching.

My cock is hard again, and I stand over him and piss all over him, his muscular chest, his face, his cock. “That’ll teach you to wait” I say. “Rub it in, Rub my piss into your skin” I say. He does what I tell him, rubbing my piss all over him. “Now lick it, lick my piss off your hands” I command. He complies.

I hand him a moist towel and let him clean up. His cock is still hard, and is visibly throbbing. “Now, what do you want?” I ask him.

“I want to fuck you some more” he whispers.

“Why do you want to do that?” I ask gently.
“I need to cum, pleeease sir, pleeease let me cum, I’m so hard” he moans.

“Beg me more” I tell him. He gets on his knees in front of me, his hands clasped in prayer position.

“Please let me fuck your ass sir, Pleaase let me cum in you, please please please” he begs. I am hard and throbbing wanting to cum again, and I know he can make me cum if he fucks me more.

“Okay, fuck me” I say.

“Oh thank you sir, thank you” he grunts, as I get on my knees. He slides in behind me and licks my ass, tasting me. He’s a fast learner, I notice. He licks me some more, and reaches around to jerk my cock, wanting to please me. Only then does he climb on, ramming his cock into my ass. He fucks me hard, slamming in and out, in and out.

“Mmmmm….oooooohhhhh” I moan “Fuck me, fuck me!” I scream and he rams harder, he reaches around and jerks me off in rhythm with his cock.

“May I cum sir? Pleeease?” he begs.

“Yes Damon, you may cum now” I tell him, pleased that he asked permission. He grabs my hips and slams harder and harder.

“I’m cummming!” he screams as he shoots into me. 

“That’s it Damon, cum for me, shoot your load into my ass” I moan. He jerks and shudders as he empties his cum into my ass. “Now suck me off” I command, not giving him a chance to recover.
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I roll over, and he goes down, running his hands along my hairy chest, as he sucks me, He goes hard and fast, up and down, rubbing his hands through my chest, then down to play with my balls. His head is bobbing up and down, up and down, and I’m pushing his head down so he’s swallowing me. He sticks a finger in my ass, and I moan in pleasure. “More, put your whole hand in” I command in a grunt. He balls his hand into a fist, and slams it in, my ass opening to accommodate him. I feel myself tense and cum into his mouth, shooting to the back of his throat. He gags a minute, and then swallows, sucking hard and fast, still fisting me as I empty my cum into his mouth.

“That was very good, Damon” I compliment him. He is pleased, his grin showing it. I kiss him deeply, then instruct him to get dressed so I can drive him back to the gym. I drop him off just in time, he enters and exits within a few seconds to climb into his mom’s car.

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Video: Bug Chasing Buddy Shooting a Load For Me

My bug chasing buddy from Atlanta sent me another video of him jerking off his hung cock and shooting a fat load. I am posting it below for my bareback blog readers. Enjoy.


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Weekend in Chicago

I just got back home from a second weekend in a row in Chicago. The weather was much better this weekend. The sun was out for most of the weekend and the weather was warmer.

I didn't make an announcement to my clients or on here because this weekend was all about my family. This time I went with my Mom to visit my little brother and his wife. My mom's birthday is Thursday so we celebrated up there with them. Our time was spent around our meals. Friday night we went to Schwa, one of the top 5 hardest restaurants in America to get a table, for a magnificent 16-course meal. This place is amazing! We walked past it the first time we were looking for it. It look abandoned but what lays inside is quite the treat.

Saturday morning we made it to Hot Doug's for some speciality hot dogs. I ate a rattlesnake dog. The place gets a line waiting to get inside an hour before it opens. My brother and his wife are quite the foodies and made great choices for us all weekend. After we ate, we went shopping and then left my brother's wife and my mom to get facials while we got high on marijuana I brought back at his condo. We just chilled and watched funny shit on Roku. 

That night the four of us went out for wonderful sushi and went back and watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Great movie with lots of twists. 

We woke up this morning, went to church, and I treated everyone to brunch at Lou Mitchell's. No sex this weekend but it's important, to me, to spend time with my family. They mean more to me than anyone else in this world. 

I will post some hot stories/videos soon for you all to enjoy. I have a regular sugar daddy coming over in a couple hours tonight. He is in his 60's a doctor and all bottom.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Video: Bug Chasing Buddy Jerking Off For Me

My bug chasing buddy in Atlanta sent me an amateur porn video of him jerking off while looking at my BB fuck videos. I am sharing it with my bareback blog readers below.

Enjoy your weekend, fuckers!


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Video: BBRT Pig Cleaning My Cock After His Breeding

Here is another video for my bareback blog readers. This video was shot right after I finished breeding the BBRT poz pig the first time. You can see him going to town on my dirty dick then scooping out cum from his ass and eating it.

You can be my cum pig too! See what cities I plan to visit this spring.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Video: Barebacking BBRT Pig Last Night

Here is another amateur porn video I'd like to share with the reader's of my bareback blog. This is a trick from BBRT. He's in his 40's, 5'6" 130 pounds poz pig bottom. You can see me fuck his face and ass as well as choke him. He came over at midnight last night. I gave him 2 anal loads. Here is the video of me depositing the first load.

Want me to breed your ass? Check out what cities I plan to visit this spring.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Places to Visit

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I am thinking about the cities I want to visit by the time summer starts. If you are a client and you are interested in booking my escorting services OR if you are a young bareback twink and want to film a session, send me an email.

Here is where I want to visit:
  • Indianapolis
  • Atlanta
  • Nashville (on my way to Atlanta if I drive)
  • Kansas City
  • San Francisco (possibly)
Definitely contact me if you live in one of those cities (or anywhere else if you buy me a plane ticket). This will encourage me to follow through on the visits.

Chicago: BBRT Threesome

While in Chicago, I chatted with a lot of guys on BBRT to see if they'd be up for some raw load swapping or cum taking. Since I had a few client booked over the weekend, I was kind of more picky than normal(meaning I was strictly looking for hot dudes under 30ish into BB).

On Saturday, around noon, I was walking to a great sushi place for lunch after my 11a.m. client left when one of the dudes I chatted with on BBRT called me. He wanted to come over and knew a third who could join us. I told him I was game and would call him as soon as I finished lunch. The guy who called, Jack, is 28yo white, 5'8" 140 pounds 7 cut with a PA and poz.

After I finish lunch, I give Jack a call back and tell him I am walking back to my room and to head on over. He says he will grab a cab and head on over.  When he arrives, he finds me naked. He strips off his clothes and joins me. We make out hardcore for a few minutes. He's a great kisser with nice plump lips. After that, he gets on his knees and goes to town on my cock. I grab his head and piston in and out of his mouth with my dick. I am leaking cum real good at this point. I pull him up to make out when the third dude calls him and says he is about 30 minutes away.

We are both a little disappointed in the delay but Jack makes the situation better when he says, "I want you to breed my ass before he gets here. I want your cum inside me as we breed him together." Fuck ya. So I get him in position on his back. Spit on his hole and my cock and slide inside him. I piston fuck his ass for a good 15 minutes with him tweaking my nipples. After that,  I figure I better seed his ass so I'll be good to go for the third when he gets here. So, I plant my cock as deep inside his twink ass and unload my babies up his gut. We both jump in the shower and wash each other off and make out some more.

As we are drying off from our shower, there is knock at the door. The third dude is here. He, Will, is 29 white, tan 6' 160" 6 cut poz all bottom.  The plan is to gangbang Will. We get him to join us naked. I then tell him to get doggy on the bed. I spit on my cock and his hole and fuck his raw ass as Jack fucks his face. Will's ass is loose as a goose. This kid has been around. Fucking hot. After a few minutes of pumping his ass, we switch positions. I  fuck his face with my cock that just has been in his ass. While I'm doing that, Jack is tearing up his ass. He gets real rough and even punches and slaps Will's face, back, and ass. He then puts Will in a headlock from behind and chokes him. Talking dirty to him saying "like that, bitch? Got some dirty dick in you now."

Jack withdraws his pierced cock and replaces it with his fist. I see where this is going and hold Will by his shoulders to restrict his movement as Jack fist his ass.  Will asks us if we have poppers but we tell him no and to just take it. Jack gets his entire fist inside his ass and begins to fuck his ass with it.  He does this for a few minutes. The bottom is loving it.

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Jack takes his fist out of Will's ass and orders him to sit on my cock. After he does, Jack pushes him down towards me and slides in alongside my cock. We are double penetrating his ass. It's a bit awkward but hot having Jack's cock alongside mine stretching his ass out. Once we get the hang of it, I tell Jack to "shoot your charged cum in him. I want to feel you unload." Jack pumps away in earnest at my urging. After a moment he says to Will as he is beginning to loudly spasm "take my poz cum, slut. Fuck." I feel it all. His unloading and his cock quivering. It sends me over the edge and I shoot my own load up his cunt. "Fucking take it, man. Oh. Yeah!"

I'm sweating profusely, like I do at the end of most sessions. I push the bottom off of me and grab some towels for all of us. As we are cleaning up, Will mentions that the Hyatt where I had a room is where IML is hosted every years. Jack chimes in and agrees with Will. "I guess we didn't do anything this room hasn't seen before," I say. They dress, say goodbye and head out.

Jack texted me about half hour later telling me what a great time he had and to save his # for next time I am in town. He said "next time maybe we can find some neg boys. I'd love to stealth for you."

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